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Wolfgang Hilbig’s novel "Old Rendering Plant" (Alte Abdeckerei) which is considered as an outstanding work by the German poet Wolfgang Hilbig was translated by Isabel Fargo Cole and released in San Francisco a few weeks ago. An awesome news which will be celebrated with an Happy Hour – at Goethe Institut San Francisco on December 7 at 6:00 PM.

There'll be the opportunity to listen to readings from the new book by members of the Two Lines staff and to learn and talk about Hilbig's great literature. Light refreshments will be served.

After " 'I' " and "The Sleep of the Righteous", "Old Rendering Plant" is the third of Isabel Fargo Cole's Hilbig translations into American English. It will be followed by "Tidings of the Trees" which will be published by Two Lines Press in June 2018.

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